Who We Are

We promise to be passionately dedicated to your well being and satisfaction while delivering innovative products and service with unrivaled expertise and energetic personnel, all at the best value.

The Value We Deliver

For modern energy consumers who are overwhelmed by the ever-changing options they have to heat their homes and businesses, Blueox is a refreshingly progressive fuel dealer committed to providing expert guidance, state of the art products, and cost saving solutions. Our entire business model is thoughtfully designed with the consumer as top priority: from a one-stop-shop for various fuels (propane, kerosene, fuel oil, diesel, and more), to service options that let you decide what is best for your home, Blueox strives to stay ahead of the competition by proudly offering a premium customer experience. We’re constantly looking for smart ways to save our customers money without sacrificing the quality of our service. We simply want to be the best.

Our Goal

To prove to you that we are a different kind of energy company!

Call Blueox today to find out how we can exceed your expectations for all of your HVAC and fuel needs.