1. Great experience for years

    I have been a Blueox customer for years and always had a pleasurable experience with all your employees that I deal with.…Read More

    Sheila – Bainbridge, NY
  2. Service was above and beyond!

    Jeremiah and Amos came after hours in bad weather and were very pleasant. Roxanne and Julia also went out of their way to be sure I got fuel! I for sure would recommend Blueox to a few other people I know. Your people went above and beyond.…Read More

    Sharon - McDonough, NY
  3. Courteous service

    Jeremiah was courteous and explained his service in detail.…Read More

    Dave – Whitney Point NY
  4. Great working with Blueox

    Very courteous men came to service my furnace today. One technician was teaching the other how to handle my furnace. He was calm with him and spoke quietly and calmly. Even though one guy was learning they were a great team together. Others have come here and did not do what they did. I switched to Blueox because the park I live in has mostly Blueox customers.…Read More

    Bill & Betty - Lisle, NY
  5. Blueox takes good care

    You take good care of us. Josh is a fine young man. We hope he stays with you and provides service for us again.…Read More

    David - Cincinnatus, NY
  6. Exceptional Service

    So far the service and contact with everyone at Blueox has been exceptional. My hopes are that it does not change. Everyone is exceptional. You have a good team members. I take my hat off to your company, especially the workers! I went with you on a hunch and I live by my hunches!…Read More

    Mark Chenango - Forks, NY
  7. Great Service

    My neighbor referred me to you … the service man was very nice about everything he did.…Read More

    Henry - Lisle, NY
  8. Timely and pleasant

    Kurt was very thorough. Took time to explain the procedures and findings. He was on time and very pleasant.…Read More

    Stan - Oxford, NY
  9. They did the job right

    These two men did well and seemed to know what needed to be done.…Read More

    Aaron - Greene, NY
  10. Job well done

    Everyone does a fine job!…Read More

    Lisa - Hamilton, NY