When it comes to propane gas, we keep you warm and safe!

Propane gas is a source of fuel for furnaces, boilers, water heaters, dryers, cookstoves, space heaters, fireplaces, generators, and other appliances. Propane burns cleanly and efficiently, which is just one reason our customers convert their heating systems to propane. Are you thinking about converting to propane in your home? Contact us to get educated about your options and to request a free quote.

At Blueox Energy in Oxford, safety is our number one priority. We follow the strictest safety practices, and all of our technicians and drivers are CETP-certified by the New York Propane Gas Association (NYPGA). Not only do we invest in training for our technicians and drivers, we also invest in training for our customer service representatives to ensure that they can help you when you call. Our staff can calmly and confidently give you direction on what to do if you ever suspect a leak to ensure your family feels safe and confident in using this diverse fuel source.

Propane gas has an odor added to the fuel that resembles the smell of rotten eggs. Should you ever smell this inside your home or business, or outside by the tank, turn off the tank immediately and call from a secondary location and we will safely guide you on what to do next.

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