When it comes to propane gas, we keep you warm and safe!

Propane gas is a source of fuel for furnaces, boilers, water heaters, dryers, cookstoves, space heaters, fireplaces, and generators. This fuel burns cleanly and efficiently, which is just one reason our customers convert their heating systems over to propane. Looking to convert to propane in your home? Contact us to get educated about your options and request a free quote.


This site allows you to learn the most up-to-date prices and find any deals that we’re running. Winter is approaching quickly, make sure your home or business is ready for the cold weather.

When you need your propane tank refilled, Blueox is here. With friendly drivers, great prices, and strict safety guidelines, you’ll know that you’re being taken care of.

In addition to ensuring your safety and satisfaction with our propane, Blueox Energy also cares about how our propane tanks look at your home. We make every effort possible to maintain the appearance of your propane tanks by switching out or painting tanks that become rusted. You won’t have to worry about the look of your home being compromised by an aged tank.



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