This will vary a bit by the equipment we are talking about but ideally, this page is where a customer can download a brochure in return for their email address. We can also have small write-ups about what equipment we install in addition to the leading statement below.

Blueox Energy has a reputation of having a commitment to providing quality, dependable service to our customers at an affordable price. If you are considering a replacement or an upgrade to a newer system we have a variety of options that we can customize to fit your needs. With all the information out there about different ways to heat or cool your home and which brands to trust it is hard to know where to turn. Turn to Blueox. Our comfort consultant will come to your home at no charge around your schedule and review the system you currently have as well as layout the options available that will fit your needs. Once a plan has been put in place we measure your home to do a calculated heat loss/heat gain assessment to see what size system your home needs. Then we will quote you an upfront fair price for our qualified team to do the job from start to finish. We don’t haggle over price … we don’t change the price after the fact … we offer good honest service from good honest people. Below are some commons myths we hear from customers every day:

Common Myths:

Bigger is better in heating and cooling. FALSE. If a system is oversized for heating it produces too much heat and cannot push the heat out of your heating system fast enough. If this happens the heat builds up in the core of the system (the heat exchanger) and eventually lead to cracks in the heat exchanger allowing CO to seep into your home. Once this happens the system is generally unrepairable and will need to be replaced again. Also if the system is oversized for your ductwork the system can “short cycle” … come on run turn off .. come on run turn off. We compare it to driving your car down the road with a lot of red lights. That starting and stopping is terrible for your system and can cause parts to prematurely break down over time.

Your ductwork is fine. FALSE. If your ductwork has not been measured as part of your replacement system then you could be running into trouble. If your furnace is sized correctly to your home and the ductwork is too small to handle the distribution of heat the heat will back up in the heat exchanger and crack it prematurely. On the other hand, if your ductwork is too big it could be causing uneven air flow throughout your home causing a lack of comfort for your new system.

If I don’t hear my system running I am saving money. FALSE. Newer systems are so quiet and efficient that many times customers don’t hear them start and stop anymore. Newer systems turn on and modulate so they are always running they just automatically ramp up or ramp down their air blowing speed but never actually turn off. Older systems turn on produce heat and turn off. Similar to the example above this starting and stopping approach can cut the life of your heating system short.