If your heater or furnace has been giving you trouble for a long time, or it spent much of last winter sputtering and struggling to work, it may be time to get a new furnace. At Blueox Energy in Oxford, we can help you figure out what your home’s heating needs are and how the heaters that we sell and install will meet those needs.

One of the first steps we will take when helping you choose a new heater is to examine the old system. If there is already ductwork in your home, that can give you more options. Ductwork means that it’s possible to basically slot in a new heater and have it start working right away. This can potentially save you a good sum of money and a lot of time.

However, if your home doesn’t have ductwork, you still have several options. First, we might be able to install ductwork depending on the age and size of your home. While this can be a more expensive option upfront, it can lead to savings thanks to the efficiency of these heaters. If ductwork can’t be easily installed in your home, we can offer you some incredible new furnaces that do a great job of heating your home, or you could go the ductless heating system route.

We recommend the Mitsubishi ductless systems because they are incredibly efficient and affordable. Ductless heating also allows you more flexibility — if there are some rooms that just don’t need heating, you don’t have to put a heater in that room or run ductwork to them.

If you’re looking for a gas furnace, we have another option for you that you should look into. Our RUUD gas furnace is a fantastic option for homeowners that are looking for a really reliable home heating system without breaking the bank.

Get in touch with the heating and cooling experts at Blueox Energy today to find out how we can keep your house warm in the fall and winter. We have a ton of options available and our installations are always completed by the best-trained HVAC experts in the area. Call us today!