The best way to avoid having to purchase a new heater or furnace is through regular service and maintenance. At Blueox Energy in Oxford, we offer maintenance and service packages at great low rates. When you bundle a service agreement with your scheduled kerosene and heating oil deliveries, you can spread out the payments and save even more money.

At Blueox, we believe in providing our customers with everything they need to stay warm during the colder parts of the year. That is why we sell some of the best heaters and furnaces available on today’s market (including the Mitsubishi ductless heaters) and it is why we offer such unbeatable deals on a wide range of furnace and heater maintenance services.

Keep More of Your Money When You Have Your Heater Serviced

When you sign up for furnace services, you’ll end up saving money. A furnace that isn’t running correctly can cause leaks or it can even use more electricity while heating your house less efficiently. When you need more heating oil or kerosene because of leaks or if your heater is starting to break down, that costs you more money. Our simple and comprehensive maintenance agreements mean that a trained service technician will ensure that your heater is running without leaks and at peak efficiency. Our customers have saved big on their energy bills in the winter thanks to these packages.

If you have a new furnace that you don’t think will need service for a while, you can still call us in case of emergencies. Our repair technicians work quickly to get your heater working again.

Call us today to find out how much money you can save while keeping your home nice and toasty over the winter with one of our specialized maintenance plans! Be sure to ask about our great prices on kerosene and heating oil while you’re at it!