There are few things less fun than waking up to a frigid house in the middle of winter. Not only does it start your day off on a sour note, a home without heat can also quickly become a costly problem. If your heat doesn’t start working again right away, you may have frozen and burst pipes to worry about. If your heater or furnace stops working, call Blueox Energy in Oxford right away.

At Blueox, we have a staff of dedicated, highly trained HVAC professionals who can service or repair almost any heater or furnace. When you call, one of them will head to your house, identify the problem, and then repair it. It’s really that simple. As the area’s premier provider of kerosene and heating oil, we know exactly how important it is to ensure that our customers are warm and comfortable in their homes. By having HVAC specialists on staff, we can take care of all of your heating needs in a way that most other companies can’t. We also sell new furnaces and ductless heating systems (like the highly recommended Mitsubishi ductless heaters) in case your current heater just can’t be repaired.

We Also Offer Heater and Furnace Service Plans
Another benefit to being a Blueox Energy customer is our extra-low prices on service plans. Combine the cost of your heating oil (with or without additive) or kerosene with a very low monthly fee for scheduled service calls before winter and summer begin. These service agreements help us stay on top of maintenance so that we can catch problems before they become severe and so you can save money on repairs.

Contact us today to learn more about our heating and furnace repairs as well as service agreements and low, low prices on kerosene and heating oil!