Ductless heating is the perfect solution for homes that don’t have existing HVAC ductwork, or for a room that was just renovated or added onto a home. They’re also a great solution for homeowners who wish to lower their monthly energy bills by lowering their consumption of heating fuels like heating oil, propane, or electricity. They’re also a great solution for enclosed patios and decks, and a ductless heating system is perfect for a shed or garage workspace that is poorly insulated.




By using a highly efficient system of outdoor units in conjunction with indoor units, a ductless system allows a homeowner to keep several “zones” at the same heat, or at different temperatures. Having this flexibility means that unoccupied rooms that don’t need to be heated aren’t forcing the heating system to turn on and use energy. The heating abilities of these ductless units are so efficient that they can heat a zone in less time and with less energy than traditional central-air ductwork heating systems.

Just a few of the benefits of a ductless heating system include:

  • They’re easy to install. You can install these units if you have the right tools and a little bit of know-how. Otherwise, you can hire Blueox Energy to install your new units to make sure that the installation is done quickly, safely, and to maximize the results of your new ductless heating system.
  • Ductless heating systems are highly energy efficient. Because the individual units don’t have to heat an entire house they’re able to make due with much less power, and they only generate heat in their particular zone. Zoned temperature control means that you won’t be unnecessarily heating unused portions of your home just so the room you’re in is at a comfortable temperature.
  • You won’t have to deal with ductwork. While your ductwork is mostly invisible to you day-to-day, it can be causing you big problems that you will wish you knew about before they became a real issue. In addition to being an inefficient way to heat your home because of the amount of heat they’re required to push into a very large area, ducts can also bring health risks.
    • If you aren’t regularly changing the air filter, or filters, in your ductwork you could be exposing yourself and your family to potentially unsafe amounts of allergens. Because a traditional ductwork system recirculates your air to heat and cool it, the system creates a cycle of allergens, dust, and potentially dangerous mold flying through your house. A filter will catch a lot of these, but if your filter is dirty, it won’t get everything. A dirty filter also makes the system work even harder to force heated air into your home to achieve the desired temperature.

The Mitsubishi Electric ductless heating units that we carry offer an alternative to traditional systems. By focusing on individual rooms and living spaces, Mitsubishi systems are more energy efficient, flexible, and easier to install. A number of these units are also controllable with great, simple to use apps that you can download onto your smartphone.

Call Blueox Energy today to find out about the amazing ductless heating systems that we carry and install.