One of the most common types of heating is central heating. Also called central air, this kind of heating is especially popular in newer homes that were built with these systems in mind. One of the best parts about central heating is that the furnace comes as a part of a system that also provides cool air during the warm months. Using a series of vents that run throughout the house, central air systems push warm air to every room where there is a duct in order to provide even, efficient heat.

Central air systems offer other benefits, too. Each central heating system features at least one air filter. Because they pull air in and push it out, these systems are a great way to effectively remove particles like dust, lint, and other pollutants that can cause breathing problems like asthma.

Central Heating Sales

At Blueox Energy, we offer a wide variety of heating and cooling systems for sale, including some of the best central air systems on the market. Our energy experts are always happy to speak to you about what your new heating options are, whether you’re looking to upgrade your current system or you’re building a new home. We even carry some of the most energy efficient and cost-effective home heating gas furnaces in the area. RUUD is known for it’s reliability and superb heating. Learn more about the different RUUD gas furnaces by downloading more information.

Central Heating Repair and Service

We also offer full heating and cooling system services and repairs. No matter what kind of heater you use, our HVAC experts can make sure that it keeps running efficiently. We offer scheduled yearly service appointments where one of our techs will come to your home or business and do a full check of your heater and perform any maintenance that it needs. These service calls are affordable and will also save you money throughout the winter because a system that is tuned up will work more efficiently and cost you less per year.

Contact us today to find out more information about all of the central heating options we have available or if you would like us to perform a service or repair call.

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