Over the past few years, we’ve seen some dramatic changes in the fuel and propane industry that have had a powerful impact on our lives, and budgets.
This is why Blueox Energy offers fuel oil, kerosene, and propane payment plans. Our plans are designed to give you peace-of-mind in a world of constant change. These programs eliminate the uncertainty of changing fuel prices and provide a flexible way to pay for routine service maintenance.

  • Prebuy Plans – A prebuy plan pays for an entire year’s worth of fuel all at once. This plan ensures you get the lowest price per gallon as a thank you for paying up front. This plan is ideal for someone who wants to take care of their needs all at once and not worry about the constantly changing market. Customers have the flexibility to lock in a fixed price of fuel oil, kerosene or propane OR cap their price to ensure if the market drops their price will float down with the market.
  • Budget Plans – Our 12-month budget plans include capped float down protection as well as a service plan on your heating system. We offer flexible options that fit your needs to adapt to when the markets and your finances change.
  • Pay As You Go – perfect for cash on delivery or credit approved customers who want to monitor their usage closely. We deliver and you pay the market price … under this plan our customers get the option to take advantage of our $.10 off cash discount option.

For more information about our fuel payment plan options please contact us or call (877) 233-8176