Fuel Oil With Additive

Blueox Energy is the only company in the greater Oxford area that actively tries to reduce your energy costs by eliminating the use of kerosene in your home and replacing it with fuel oil with a gel prevention additive. We have used this system for years with zero problems. Our oil with an additive system can save you anywhere from $30–$60 per delivery, even after factoring in the cost of the additive. We will also move or install your oil filter free of charge to make it feasible for you to join our program.

Contact Blueox Energy today to learn about other ways that we can help save you money on your monthly energy costs, or to schedule an HVAC service or repair. Our energy experts are standing by and ready to help you repair, replace, or update your furnace or air conditioner with the latest, most efficient, and most effective options. If you need gas or diesel at great prices, stop by any of our convenience stores and gas stations. While you’re there, remember to refill your propane tanks or ask about the other services and fuel products that we offer at prices that no one else can match!


On Demand Fuel Oil & Kerosene