1. Set up blower-door equipment to test for leaks: Identifies easy steps to reduce energy usage
  2. Find leaks with infrared camera: Locates leaky windows, walls and ceiling joints as well as other areas of heat loss in the home.
  3. Measure living areas, windows and doors: Quantifies potential savings based upon size of the home and window and door quality.
  4. Insulation Analysis: Determines if your home has the adequate amount of insulation and if it is correctly installed.
  5. Check for carbon monoxide and other “off gases” from boiler: Reveals possible leaks and safety issues.
  6. Check models of furnace, boiler, air handler, etc: Estimates possible savings.
  7. Take water sample (Optional): Measure iron and other impurities.

The benefits of an audit:

  • Helps reduce energy bills
  • Helps identify hazardous conditions
  • Locates moisture & cold air draft problems and reduce risks of mold
  • Locates under-insulated areas
  • Educates the homeowner about low-cost energy improvements


Benefits of Improving Your Energy Efficiency:

Saving up to 40% on your energy bills is just one reason why you should take advantage of this opportunity, but the benefits also include:

  •  Improved air quality, for better health
  •  A quieter, more comfortable living environment
  •  Higher home resale value
  • Greater home durability, with lower maintenance cost
  •  Increased safety for you and your family

Blueox Energy Products & Services is the only BPI Certified HVAC/Insulation/Fuel Provider serving Broome County to the Madison County area. (BPI, or Building Performance Institute, certification is an assurance that you are receiving services from some of the best-trained contractors available.) What this means for you is that you only work with one contractor, from the audit to the improvement service because we do not need to sub contract third party companies or contractors. In a nutshell, this gives each customer peace of mind in knowing who is held accountable for any services performed. We do it all, plus we can provide you with service and fuel after the work is done!

To take advantage of this exciting program or other Energy Star options available from Blueox Energy, please call 1-800-723-BLUE, or fill out the Energy Star Contact Form.

You can also visit to learn more about The Home Performance with Energy Star Program.

EMPOWER NY and the Comprehensive Energy Audit are funded by NYSERDA, a New York State program that allows us to provide these services at no cost to you.