Welcome to the future of cooling.

The newest ductless heating and cooling systems have the ability to save you money, headaches, and the ability to keep your house at the temperature you want in a way that was never possible before. These systems are easy to install, and easy to use — many of them can be controlled with smartphone apps.


At Blueox we are proud to carry the best ductless air conditioning units built by Mitsubishi. Their products offer you the chance to reduce your cooling bills by utilizing a much more energy-efficient system of cooling. Ductless systems use less energy because you are able to install them in your house in a way that maximizes the flow of cool air into the areas where you want it, while minimizing the energy used.


If certain rooms in your house are going unused for most of the day there’s no reason to pump cold air into them. With a ductless heating and cooling system it’s possible to control the temperature of different zones independently of one another, unlike a traditional ductwork HVAC system. With a duct system the only way to control the temperature of individual rooms was to close or open vents and hope that you got the results you wanted.

Easy Installationimage-cooling

If you have some time on your hands, the right tools, and an understanding about how your new ductless system works it’s possible to install these devices yourself. It’s simply a matter of installing an outdoor unit then running a cooling line inside to the interior units of your ductless air conditioning system. Or Blueox can install your system for you. We’ve got the training, the knowledge, and the experience to make sure that your new units get put in quickly, safely, and with the optimum efficiency of the system in mind.

They Work in Every Room

If you’ve recently built a new room or two in your home, you might have noticed that it gets far hotter than the rest of your house, or that your home as a whole stays less cool than it used to. This is probably because of the additional strain on a traditional ductwork HVAC system. The outdoor units for ductwork HVAC systems are chosen to closely match the square footage of your home, so if you add more ducts and more square footage your house will be less cool, and especially those new rooms because the system can’t handle the new space. It will also work harder which will send your energy bills up.

A ductless system is perfect for new rooms because it won’t put extra strain on your pre-existing HVAC system. It’s also great having a room whose temperature can be adjusted more quickly than you thought possible. These units are also great for a garage or workshop with poor, or no, insulation. You can continue to work on your projects no matter what temperature it is outside because your ductless heating and air conditioning system will keep you comfortable.

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