What Is Central Air?

Some homeowners in upstate New York don’t consider central air conditioning a necessity… until it’s too hot! Many of us take the luxury of central AC for granted, even though we encounter it in many of the places we visit throughout the day, like the office, the store, or the car. You spend more time in your home than any of those places, so why wouldn’t you want to experience that same refreshing comfort there? With Blueox Energy, it’s easy to install a new central air system in your home.

Typically, central air systems are installed as a two-part system (with an indoor coil and an outdoor condenser) on top of a furnace hot air heating system — we can help with those too! Both systems share a network of ducts to distribute the hot or cold air throughout your home, and both systems are controlled by the same thermostat, so it’s easy to adjust temperatures either up or down. Additionally, all central air runs off of electricity, so it’s a good idea to make sure you’re choosing an energy-efficient system.

Don’t have a central heating system? There are other options for cooling. Learn more about ductless cooling systems!