One of the hardest decisions you have to make during the warmer months is what temperature to keep your air-conditioner set at. The news might suggest one temperature but you might be used to, and happy with, another, and given the rising costs associated with cooling your home it almost feels like an impossible choice with no way to really win. Luckily, Blueox Energy in Oxford can help you!

Ductless cooling is a way to make sure that the rooms you use a lot are comfortable for you to be in during the spring, summer, and early fall. We carry and sell the best ductless systems made, including Mitsubishi ductless systems. Here are a few of the reasons that ductless cooling helps you save money:

Cool only the rooms you are in. Don’t throw your hard-earned cash away heating parts of the house that are either naturally shaded and cool or that don’t need to be cooled. With ductless cooling you can focus the air-conditioning to the rooms you’re actually in. This means less energy used and fewer dollars you have to shell out.

Ductless cooling is more affordable than running new ductwork. If you have built a new room onto your home, it is almost always going to cost less to install a ductless a/c unit than it would be to expand your pre-existing ductwork. A ductless unit also prevents additional strain on your a/c unit that could cause it to lose efficiency.

If you need a shed or garage cooled, ductless cooling is the only choice to make. Not only are these units energy-efficient, they also work incredibly well. You can get your work done without falling victim to heat exhaustion.

Call us at Blueox Energy today to find out when we can install a new Mitsubishi ductless cooling unit in your home! We also offer a wide array of HVAC services as well as fuel oil and diesel at our convenience stores.