You enjoy air conditioning at work, in your car, and at most stores, so why wouldn’t you want to enjoy that same cool comfort in your home? Blueox is committed to providing sales and installation of ductless and central air conditioning units that exceed your expectations.

Air Conditioner Sales

At Blueox, we carry the most energy-efficient AC units that are also great at pumping out all of the cold air that you need to stay comfortable from the beginning of spring until the end of summer. When you choose Blueox as your AC supplier and installer, you’re getting access to a wealth of experience that will make choosing the right option for your home easy. We’ll start by determining if you already have existing ductwork from a previous central air system or if you need to have ducts installed or if you would prefer to go the ductless route.

When you’re picking out a new unit, ask us about what makes one unit more efficient over another. Energy efficiency is measured in SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratings) which start at about 13 and go up to 26. The higher the SEER, the more energy efficient your unit will be. This might mean that the air conditioning unit has a higher upfront cost, but the energy savings will pay for itself quickly.

Air Conditioner Installation

If you have an existing central air system, we can easily swap out your old, poorly functioning unit with a new, energy-efficient AC unit that will keep your home comfortable for years and years. If you have added an addition to your home or don’t want to put in ducts, we have tons of great ductless cooling and heating options that are incredibly efficient and easy to use. For more information about the Mitsubishi ductless AC units we carry, click here.

Not sure which option is right for you? Call us for a free estimate and we will help you find the air conditioning system that fits your needs and budget.