Maintaining your air conditioner through regular service is the only way to ensure that it keeps working at maximum efficiency for as long as possible. Scheduled service also helps it stay covered under its warranty. At Blueox, your Oxford-based energy company, we offer the best AC unit maintenance and service programs that you can find anywhere. In addition to making sure that your air conditioner stays running, we also offer some of the industry’s best AC units of all types for sale, including ductless air conditioning from brands like Mitsubishi (which you can read more about, here) and central air conditioners if you already have ducts installed in your home.

Why Air Conditioning Services Are So Important

As we mentioned above, having your AC unit serviced regularly (usually at the beginning and end of the warm season) makes it work more efficiently. While you might not have noticed a slow uptick in the amount of energy (or water) that your AC unit requires over the years, if you haven’t had regular services performed you could be wasting hundreds of dollars a year thanks to an inefficient air conditioner. With maintenance, not only will you be keeping more money in your pocket, you’ll enjoy a much cooler home when it really matters.

Keeping your AC unit under warranty is another added benefit of air conditioner maintenance. If there is a manufacturer’s defect in your unit, you’ll be stuck holding the bill for services or replacement if you’ve allowed the unit’s warranty to lapse due to lack of regular servicing.

Blueox Energy Can Help

All of Blueox’s HVAC technicians are highly skilled and highly trained to service and repair your air conditioners. With a service plan you can save money and get earlier appointments in case there is an AC emergency during the spring or summer. Contact us today to find out how Blueox can help you stay comfortable during the warm season!


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