The upkeep of your heating or air conditioning unit is no different than a car, in the sense that routine maintenance is a financially responsible investment that can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. The biggest difference is that your car has a light which comes on when you’re overdue for an oil change. With your heating or air conditioning unit, things will break when not maintained properly and there is no warning.

Regular inspection and maintenance is imperative if you want to ensure that potential problems are resolved before they become a costly headache.

So protect one of the most important investments in your home with a Blueox Service Agreement and get peace of mind.

Service Plan Includes:
  1. Annual Tune Up
  2. Safety Checks
  3. Discounted Diagnostic Rates
  4. Discounted Repairs
  5. No Overtime Charges
Available Plans:

Blue Plus Plan – Our most common plan and most affordable plan. Includes annual tune up at no charge – $49 + tax diagnostic fee – and 30% off repairs – $125.00 + tax

Blue Ultra Plan – Best option for older units with a higher chance of repair work needed. Includes annual tune up at no charge – $29 + tax diagnostic fee – and 50% off repairs – $200.00 + tax

Blue Supreme Plan – Please call our office to learn more about this option.

*All plans can be rolled into the monthly fee to ensure that they are as affordable as possible. Contact us today to learn more!

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