top-shots-heating-1In the Binghamton, NY area we have 4 seasons: Winter, Still Winter, Almost Winter, and Construction….

All kidding aside, New York State is admired for many things– but for most of us the cold weather is hardly one of them. Even if you are a fan of the snow, it’s hard to beat feeling warm and cozy in your own home.

Let Blueox Energy give you that warm and fuzzy feeling by keeping your house, mobile home, or small business at a comfortable temperature every day. We can help with sales and installation of a heating system, including furnaces, boilers, direct vent heaters, heat pumps and water heaters. We provide 24/7 emergency service in case of an issue, as well as maintenance plans to reduce your risk of unexpected costly repairs down the road. (Click here to sign up as a new customer!)

More importantly, we also provide timely delivery of your homes heating fuels including fuel oil, kerosene, propane or natural gas so you can simplify your life by dealing with the same company to handle all of your heating and cooling needs. Blueox provides heating services from the Binghamton NY area up to Madison County and everything in between.

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Make Sure Your Home Has Heat This Winter

At Blueox Energy in Oxford, we know know how important it is to make sure that your house is ready for the winter. The temperatures can drop quickly and stay low for days or weeks at a time. Your heater has to be able to handle that kind of workload or you and your family might find yourself wrapped in blankets to keep the cold at bay.

In the sections below, we will cover just a few of the reasons you need to ensure your heater is operating properly before winter hits. We’ll include a few tips, as well as information about how the heating and cooling experts at Blueox can help you maintain a cozy, comfortable home over the coming months. When you need heater maintenance or a new heater, contact us today. Not only do we provide a wide range of fuel products (kerosene, fuel oil, and diesel), we also sell, install, and fix a wide range of heaters and furnaces. Our HVAC techs undergo extensive training to keep them on the cutting edge of heating technology. This means that when you have a problem, we’ll be there to quickly diagnose and fix the problem.

A Busted Furnace Can Lead to Busted Pipes

While there are plenty of places in the US where winters are mild and snowless, we all know that that just isn’t the case here in the Oxford area. While it can be hard to imagine a holiday season without snow, we all get to that point in the middle of the winter where we’ve just had enough of the cold temperatures and icy conditions. Sometimes, even your house can reach a point where it can’t handle the weather any longer. If you have an older furnace or heater that just isn’t outputting the warm air like it used to, your home can suffer the consequences. While we like to think that we’re prepared for everything, a pipe can burst with seemingly no warning and can leave you stuck dealing with disastrous consequences.

A pipe freezes when it wasn’t protected adequately enough by insulation or by the ambient heat in your home. While water lines that feed outdoor spigots are the most likely pipes to burst (thanks to their proximity to Mother Nature), the pipes that bring water to and take water away from your bathrooms and kitchen are not safe. Thanks to extreme temperature drops and prolonged periods of cold, any pipe can burst. The aftermath is rarely pleasant: you may not be able to shower, you may not have access to clean drinking water, or you might have to deal with a broken wastewater or sewage pipe.

The best way to keep your pipes in good shape is to check them at the end of every summer. If, over the year, the insulation you used to keep the pipes protected has been damaged, replacing it at the end of the warm season means you won’t have to worry about it once the temperature drops. It isn’t a bad idea to check them at the end of winter, either. While a pipe might not have burst this season, it is possible that they did incur some damage from freezing and unfreezing.

As we mentioned earlier, keeping your heater working as efficiently and effectively as possible is another great way to keep your pipes healthy. If your furnace or heater hasn’t been serviced in recent memory or if it seems likes it doesn’t work as well as it used to, give us a call at Blueox Energy. We can send a skilled HVAC tech to your home to service or repair it!

A Lack of Heat Can Cause Health Problems

While you have to have been exposed to wintertime viruses like the flu or a cold in order to get them, spending too much time in a cold house can cause or exacerbate other health problems. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), is a type of depression that comes on during seasonal changes. While it is possible to have summer SAD, the most common form of SAD is found during the winter. Doctors believe that SAD is caused by a combination of factors, including a disruption of your circadian rhythm, a decrease in serotonin, and a disruption of melatonin levels. Like other types of depression, SAD can use the environment against you. If your home doesn’t have consistent working heat, you might feel angry or sad about it. If you already have to deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder, another factor (like a broken furnace) can cause you to sink even deeper into a depression.

While the consequences of SAD can be troublesome, there are other health problems that can deepen in severity during cold months. If you or a family member is older, circulation problems can be the beginning of severe issues. People who have broken or poorly functioning heaters have been known to suffer from frostbite while in their own homes. A broken heater also leaves you at risk of hypothermia, especially if you’re older.

Don’t run the risk of having to deal with a heatless night — contact us at Blueox Energy in Oxford. Our HVAC experts are ready to help take care of any problems that your furnace may be experiencing. Whether you need to schedule a seasonal service, a system tune-up, or you need to find out what your options are for replacing a broken or ineffective heater, we can help.

Blueox has long been your trusted energy company because we have proven time and time again that we offer the most reliable services, the best prices, and the most friendly staff. We stand behind the services we provide and the products we sell because we hold ourselves to the highest standards possible. Whether you need a fast, reliable delivery of fuel oil, propane, or kerosene, or you need to fill up your car or truck with high-quality gasoline or diesel, you can always count on Blueox to be there, ready and happy to help! We also offer some of the best volume and customer referral discounts around, so be sure to let your friends and family know who they can count on when it really matters.

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Why Ductless Heating Could Be Perfect for Your Home

Finding the right heater for your home can be a tough choice. If you already have a central air system, just replacing the furnace might be a good option, but there are great, energy-efficient alternatives, including ductless heating. Ductless units take up much less space than traditional heaters and furnaces, and they provide much more heat (much more safely) than space heaters.  

Read on to learn if ductless heating is a good choice for you, then call us at Blueox Energy in Oxford to talk to a heating expert! Blueox has long been the area’s premier provider of everything that you need to keep your home warm and comfortable. From home heating oil delivery to HVAC service, sales, and repairs, we are here to make your winter less cold.

Ductless Heating is Perfect for Remodels and Additions

If you added a room to your house or you remodeled and changed the layout of your home, your central air system may not work as well as it once did. Even if the room you added was small, if your heater was only rated to provide enough heat to square footage that your home was before the addition, it won’t be able to heat the additional space. However, this doesn’t mean that the new room will be ice cold. In fact, rooms that used to be toasty and cozy might end up being chillier than you like. Ductless heating can be used in areas of your home that aren’t as warm as they used to be, and it is the perfect choice for new rooms that don’t have ductwork!

Ductless Heating Can Be Great for Individual Rooms

Even the best furnaces aren’t perfect. If there is a room or two in your home that isn’t as warm as you’d like it to be, a ductless heating system can get the temperature right and help cut down on the energy your other furnace uses! A furnace that isn’t working overtime will run more efficiently and break down less, too!

Heat Your Workshop or Garage With Ductless Heating

You don’t have to stop working on your project car or other hobby just because the cold fall and winter months are here. Instead of waiting for temperatures to rise on their own, install ductless heating in your garage or outbuildings for a comfortable working environment all year round! In addition to the excellent warmth ductless heaters provide, they are much safer to use in smaller spaces than space heaters or wood-burning stoves. This is especially important if your hobbies involve anything flammable, including motor oil or sawdust.

The HVAC and energy experts at Blueox Energy are here and ready to help you find the new ductless heater that will make your home comfortable! Call us today to learn about the advantages of these kinds of heaters, prices, or any other information you need to make a decision about heating your home this winter. If you want to learn more about our home heating oil and kerosene delivery services, as well as the most up-to-date prices, we can help you with that, too!