1. When Should I Buy Fuel Oil?

    Getting ready for winter is always a time-consuming process and no matter how early we start we always seem to forget something. While it is usually something small and of almost no consequence, there are times when it can be something big. Don’t let fuel oil for your furnace be the thing you forget this year. Order your fuel oil from Blueox Energy in Oxford and we'll make sure you have it befor…Read More

  2. Where Can I Get Fuel Oil?

    If you just moved to the area or you’ve stopped buying your fuel oil (home heating oil) or kerosene from a provider who didn’t make you happy, Blueox Energy in Oxford should be your first call. Not only do we sell kerosene (with or without additive), we also offer fuel oil, diesel, and HVAC services and systems. At Blueox, we believe in making sure that we do everything possible to keep you ha…Read More

  3. When to Service Your HVAC System

    Now that summer is here and you’re running your air conditioner every day, you probably have a good idea of whether or not it is working as well as it has in years past. If it doesn’t seem to be pushing out as much cold air as it used to or it’s making strange noises, it’s probably time for an HVAC service from an experienced HVAC company like Blueox Energy in Oxford. Call us today to make…Read More

  4. Where is the Best Place to Buy Heating and Cooling Systems?

    If you have been looking to replace the heating and cooling system in your home or you’re building a new place and you need to choose an HVAC system, Blueox Energy in Oxford is here to help. We offer the best brands and the best prices. In addition to great prices and selection, we also have well-trained and experienced HVAC installers who can install your new heating and cooling systems for you…Read More

  5. Why HVAC Service Agreements Are Worth It

    Certain things in life seem too good to be true, and service agreements are usually one of them. So many companies offer them nowadays but most of them are vaguely worded or written in such dense legalese that they’re all but indecipherable. At Blueox Energy, we do it differently. Our service agreements are easy to understand and clearly lay out what we do for you. You can get an HVAC service ag…Read More

  6. DIY Heating and Air Conditioning Services: Part One

    Now that we’re in the middle of fall, you’ve probably noticed a couple times when the weather seemed to switch from brisk one day to downright hot the next. Whether you’re a summer person who cherishes those hot days or a winter fan who just can’t wait for it to start getting chilly, you’ve probably been riding the thermostat quite a bit over the last month or so. Have you noticed either…Read More

  7. DIY Heating and Air Conditioning: Part Two

    In the first part of our series on some quick ways to make sure that your heater or air conditioning system is working as well as it can, we covered how and why to check your vents for obstructions. You can read that entry here. Your friends at Blue Ox Energy now present you with the second part in this series. Check Your Outdoor A/C Unit If your vents look okay, the next thing to check is the out…Read More

  8. You Probably Get a Lot of Direct Mail Pieces From Various Furnace Repair Companies in Oxford

    About this time every year, you probably start getting a lot of direct mail pieces from various furnace repair companies in Oxford telling you it is time to call and schedule a furnace tune-up. Unfortunately, these fliers fail to inform you all the good reasons why you should have your furnace serviced before winter settles in. Since you aren't likely to buy into something you don't think you need…Read More

  9. Heating and Air Conditioning Service isn’t All You Need to Prep Your Oxford Home for Winter

    It may be the tail end of August, but it is never too early to start thinking about prepping your home for the upcoming winter. And while you might call your heat and air conditioning service to perform maintenance on your furnace, there is a whole lot more that needs to be done. Here are a few ways to prepare your Oxford home for the fall and winter. Clean the Gutters While you were out enjoying …Read More

  10. Safety Measures You Need to Consider After an Oxford Propane Refill

    If you are an Oxford resident traveling back home after a propane refill, there are safety measures you need to consider. When transporting and storing propane tanks, it is very important that you follow some basic guidelines. As we all know, propane is a clean and safe energy source, but it is also an energy source that must be cared for properly. Here is a handy guide you should follow when st…Read More